Letters to the Editor

Show Dave Lopez some respect

I am appalled by the condescending and disrespectful manner in which the victory of Dave Lopez was covered by Jeff Jardine ("Lopez wins, so now what?" Dec. 13, Page B-1) and editorialized by The Bee ("Lopez gets his wish at less-than-ideal time," Dec. 13, Page B-6).

I refer to lines in Jardine's column such as "Note to Dave Lopez: Keep Wednesday afternoon open. That's when you'll be sworn in," and "We'd hate to see you miss your 5 p.m. date with destiny," and the reference to Mr. Lopez as "the copier technician." Further, writing that it was name recognition after "he ran and lost four times," "had he been running against an incumbent that might not have mattered" and "pardon Lopez if he hadn't yet got the particulars."

Adding insult to injury, The Bee's editorial starts with "There's an old parental admonishment: Be careful what you wish for. Dave Lopez finally got his wish Tuesday ..." and ends, in part, with "Elections by nature are popularity contests" and refers to Mr. Lopez as "the affable Lopez."

I sense Jardine and The Bee don't take Mr. Lopez seriously. I sense they may be unaware of this bias. As the second Latino, but first Mexican American, to hold public office for Modesto, his historic accomplishment should be looked upon with respect and gratitude.