Letters to the Editor

Penalized for being responsible

My husband was laid off in July and didn't get enough money to pay our monthly mortgage payments on unemployment. Before our next payment was due, we contacted our mortgage company to ask for help (reduced payment or for a skip-payment option) and they said we didn't qualify for help. My husband couldn't find a job in California, so we moved to Kentucky to live with family.

If we make less than our payment, how do we not qualify to get help?

We are going to lose our house and our credit rating for which we worked so hard all these years. Still, I am relieved to be out of California. There is way more crime there than here. I don't worry about my kids being away from me or at school. We really tried to avoid foreclosure, but I guess since we were smart enough to get a fixed-rate loan, there is no help for us.


formerly of Ceres

Melber, Ky.