Letters to the Editor

Smart growth of city at risk

In October, I wrote in response to Thomas Friedman's column, "If Wal-Mart can lead, why not our government?" (Sept. 30, Page B-7). Friedman tried to lull us into thinking that Wal-Mart cares about the environment.

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart continues to violate environmental laws. I guess now we can add Ceres to the list of towns Wal-Mart has disregarded, unapologetically.

The article "Clearing work site upsetting in Ceres" was poignant. Although the events were not surprising to me, they were disgusting nonetheless.

We cannot bring back the trees, the buildings with potential historical significance, and we cannot undo the unnecessary displacement of the foxes and birds living on the site. A monetary fine does not make up for the loss of natural resources that Cereans value.

We can however, shed light on these issues, making our Ceres neighbors conscious of the potential environmental violations and their consequences. Ceres should send a clear message that those responsible should be held accountable.

Open discussion would help uncover "miscommunication" problems that prevent solutions from being implemented the right way. The future growth of Ceres, its reputation and character hinge on good communication, proper planning and execution.