Letters to the Editor

Stop Bush before he bombs Iran

President Bush must not be allowed to lead us into further conflict with Iran. It's time for Congress to stand up to him. He has established himself as irresponsible, dangerous, unethical, and unaffected by the truth.

When intelligence recently reported that Iran stopped working on the bomb four years ago, Bush used this as further evidence for its nuclear ambitions! And, while he referred to Iran as a possible provocateur for World War III in an October speech, the national security adviser (Stephen Hadley) had already told Bush that Iran had stopped its weapons program.

He's already made the biggest military blunder since Vietnam, and it seems that he's willing to drag our country even further into international shame and financial ruin. He must not be allowed to continue his warmongering with Iran or any other country. The future of our republic depends on our collective resistance to the worst foreign policy in my lifetime. It's time to stop war posturing and take care of our problems at home. If Bush refuses to change course, I think he should be removed from office.