Letters to the Editor

No evidence linking CO2 to global warming

Re: " 'Arctic is screaming': Scientists issue a dire climate warning" (Dec. 12, Page A-3): There are so many misleading and untrue statements in this article, one hardly knows where to start. There has never been a climate tipping point. It is a scare tactic term, not a scientific term.

While there was some melting of the fringes of the Greenland ice sheet, the interior shows an increase in ice. Even if the entire ice sheet melted, the effects would be far less than stated, since the interior is a basin and would create a large lake.

Whenever you read about "record ice melt," understand they're talking about satellite measurements which have been taken for less than 30 years. Also understand that since it is already floating, the melting of Arctic ice will not affect the level of the oceans.

What was also missing was the incredible growth of ice since August. Also, many of the world's ice experts are saying that what we saw this summer was not unprecedented. Between 1000 and 1200 AD, Greenland supported farms and forests. There still is not one shred of evidence that carbon dioxide has any effect on climate.