Letters to the Editor

At current prices, ANWR oil is profitable

In "ANWR won't solve oil woes" (Dec. 5, Letters), the writer says that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has "16 billions barrels of oil, but far less than can be economically recovered." Was this "fact" given when oil was $40 or $50 barrel? The writer also said the amount that could be pumped represents about a year's supply for us. Does he mean no more oil is possible to pump or no more is economically feasible to pump?

I agree we should not only make cars that are hybrid but can also use flex-fuel and could plug into household current to enable them to travel for the first 30 miles on household electricity. If ANWR provided us only four years of oil, this would allow us time for more of the aforementioned cars to be produced. Until we have these types of cars on the road, we need to produce more local oil as a stepping-stone to better cars and fuel. Maybe some day we can sell oil to China or elsewhere.