Letters to the Editor

1-party system works best

One of the first items I read in The Bee is letters to the editor. Yes, even before the Sports page! It's amazing how many readers are simply fed up with politicians in general, particularly with elections coming up. The political sector, like our judicial system, is in disarray, to say the least.

How many times has a politician in Congress voted for a bill that he or she felt was not right for the people and country, but still voted for it because his or her party originated the bill? That is why, although a registered Democrat, I have crossed party lines and tried to select the best candidate. Like anything else in life, sometimes you're right and sometimes you're wrong.

We Americans, if we love this country, must do something to keep strong. For a better government:

1. Go back to a one-party system.

2. Get rid of lobbyists.

3. All politicians to serve only eight years like the president. (Enough of these 20- and 30-year career politicians.)