Letters to the Editor

Offer a bounty on illegals

Everybody complains about the illegals in this country, but nobody wants to try to fix the problem. I believe that we need to have a government bounty on all illegals that is paid to the person who turns them in once they are deported. If they are here illegally, then they should not be afforded the due process, as they are not citizens. Their families should also be deported and the children not afforded citizenship by birth if neither of their parents is legal. They also should be required to pay back any legal fees.

I know this sounds radical, but if we don't stop this problem now it is only going to help destroy this country.

We give them free medical care, food stamps, welfare, etc. It has to stop or when your children retire, there won't be anything left for them because all of these illegals have eaten up the system and left nothing for the native-born children.