Letters to the Editor

Opportunity to turn a new leaf

I commend The Bee for sponsoring a workshop to assist homeowners who might lose their homes in foreclosure, and Reps. Dennis Cardoza and Jerry McNerney, who jointly organized a foreclosure workshop Dec. 1.

I also want to say a word to everyone involved in the home development industry, including city and county offices: This very serious community crisis is your fault, and I hope and pray you learn from your mistakes.

Home builders have built larger and larger homes on smaller and smaller lots, and mortgages were sold to unqualified buyers. Now they say, "Everybody does it; that's business." They gave huge contributions to city and county representatives, urging them to keep building. Now they all say, "Everybody does it; that's politics."

I urge this entire group to admit complicity. Then I urge you to learn from your mistakes. Leaders can and must make decisions based not on bottom-line profits, greed or political influence, but on community health.