Letters to the Editor

YMCA's appalling irresponsibility

As a member of the YMCA, I read with interest the initial story ("YMCA in poor health," Nov. 4, Page A-1), then received a letter from the YMCA board. I was angered again. I worked 20 years in public-funded agencies and programs, with boards of directors; I served on several boards of other entities. No responsible board would allow the misdirection the YMCA board has allowed. The United Way board should pay close attention.

A responsible board knows its programs, finances and bylaws; it would have addressed the problems long before they came to the attention of the attorney general -- or resigned in disgust.

I have a family membership at the YMCA, and that apologetic attempt to excuse itself through a letter was appalling. I won't be putting any more good money after bad until there is an adequate accounting to the membership.

I have contributed to the United Way from my paycheck for years. I won't be willing to support United Way until this clears up, but I will continue making donations directly to programs I believe in. It's scary to have someone who might have been directly responsible for the Y's financial problems affiliated with the United Way.