Letters to the Editor

'Golden Compass' points nowhere

Immediately upon reading Bill Moore's signed editorial, " 'Compass' points away from God" (Dec. 2, Page B-6), I made a note to see the movie at the first possible chance.

These are my conclusions: The best part of the day was the popcorn. The most difficult was staying to the end of the movie. In between was a beautiful piece of artwork wrapped around a story that started nowhere and went downhill from there. If Moore or anyone else knows a young person who could divine a message from "The Golden Compass" -- any message -- I suggest that they hang onto the child's coattail, because that child is the next Enrico Fermi or Bill Gates.

The evangelicals believe the film is "viciously anti-God," while some Catholics think it is "entirely in harmony with Catholic teaching." I say that neither group actually paid the bucks to see the flick and are just attempting to boil a pot with a short match.