Letters to the Editor

Wal-Mart would require overpass

The article "Clearing work site upsetting in Ceres" (Dec. 6, Page B-1) mentioned, but didn't follow through on, a big problem. Does the city of Ceres propose to have another overpass on Highway 99? The Mitchell Road exit for southbound drivers is a single lane with a stop sign. Drivers who want to go east on Mitchell Road must wait until a break in traffic. Drivers on Mitchell Road heading west must be in the right lane. It never fails that someone waits until the last moment to move over into this lane.

It seems the environmental impact report will be done after Wal-Mart is built. Then Ceres and Stanislaus county will demand the state fix the problem. Modesto has Briggsmore, Standiford and Pelandale messes; Ceres has Hatch and Whitmore overpasses that stop traffic. All of these overpasses dump traffic immediately into crowded city streets. The Mitchell Road overpass will be added to the list.