Letters to the Editor

Why sully God's gift to us?

It's a pity that people like the author of "The cry of the global-warming wolf" (Dec. 6, Letters) and other global warming naysayers don't think that the issue demands our immediate attention. That many of the Third World nations are contributing to this problem is undeniable, but how can we lead if not by good example?

The naysayers seem to figure the world is doomed anyway -- from asteroid impact, the Rapture, Islamofascism or the "gay agenda" -- so why bother fixing the problems that plague us now?

The obvious answer might be that any or all of these cynics might have children, and even grandchildren, who would like to inherit an Earth uncontaminated by the waste products spewed by the selfish and shortsighted. Another answer might be that most people believe that God created the Earth (in somewhere between six days and 6 billion years), and that it is a sin to contaminate and defile his magnificent gift to us.

Both answers work for me.