Letters to the Editor

Only the attorneys are winning here

The Bee article summarizing the recent lawsuits that the city of Modesto has been involved in ("Legal battles cost city millions," Nov. 17, Page A-1) brings insight into the culture and mismanagement of our city.

1) Discrimination against women in the workplace. Score: Plaintiffs 2, Modesto 0, attorneys millions.

2) Fighting to maintain outdated methods of electing City Council members. Score: Plaintiffs 1, Modesto 0, attorneys millions.

3) Community improvement. Score: Modesto 1, Plaintiffs 0, attorneys appealing for more money.

4) Dry cleaning fluid contamination of groundwater. Modesto wins $20 million, but wants to squeeze more money out of Dow Chemical Co., which has really deep pockets. By this time you know who wins the biggest.

It is the city of Modesto that sets priorities; attorneys only carry out the city's wishes.

Modesto, it is time to get back to the business of being fair to both your employees and taxpaying citizens. Prioritize your battles and your spending.