Letters to the Editor

We can have arts and health care, too

I sympathize with the writer of "$15M for arts center, none for clinic?" (Dec. 3, Letters). Obviously, having medical care for her sick baby is this mother's primary need. No one could disagree. But there are levels of needs. Satisfying one level does not require or justify ridiculing another. We are inspired and made joyful by art, culture, music and dance. These are not frivolous extras; they are expressions of human identity.

Having an arts center will also help attract businesses and jobs and influence medical specialists to practice here. It will provide the writer's precious child a place to use his own talent in the future, should he wish.

Several presidential candidates have proposed innovative health care plans which encompass all citizens. I hope we will ultimately support a worthy plan and help this concerned mother. But let's not get caught up in the false choice she presented.