Letters to the Editor

One Nude Photo Left -- Of Man

I am writing in response to Jeff Jardine's article "Rodin or raunch?" (Dec. 6, Page B-1) on censorship at the Mistlin Gallery downtown. I have been to the show titled "Figuratively Speaking." I have seen the paintings of nude women that remain. As Jardine astutely pointed out, taste is subjective. Some of the paintings I liked, some I did not. But they all had one thing in common: They are art.

To see the censored photos, I had to walk down the street to the Camera Center gallery. I viewed the photos. Again, some I liked, some I did not, but they also were art. That one person was allowed to censor those photos after they had been approved by the jury process is shameful.

Censorship is ugly. The human form is a beautiful thing. And the choice between the two is not hard to make.

By the way, my name is John Gavin, and I am the subject of the only nude photograph that remains on the wall at the Mistlin Gallery. Do you find it odd that the male figure in the same state of exposure was allowed to remain while some of the female figures were not?

I certainly do.