Letters to the Editor

Wallet returned, but where is the cash?

Since January, I have lost my home to greed ("Rent control war goes on," April 23, Page A-14); then, on Nov. 27, lost my wallet to a hooded thief in broad daylight with no available witnesses. It contained all my valuables and $740 in cash. Then, on Saturday morning, the doorbell brought a paper bag with my wallet -- all the contents except the cash.

Am I supposed to thank you for not raping and beating me? Am I supposed to thank you for not ruining my pictures and papers? Am I supposed to thank you for making me paranoid of strangers behind me? Or at the bank? Or suspicious of everyone? I won't carry a weapon, but some do. Meantime, I will watch my back like never before. They say the third time is the charm. If it is, you'd better be ready, because I certainly will be!