Letters to the Editor

Site demolition was illegal

In response to The Bee's article, "Clearing work site upsetting in Ceres" (Dec. 6, Page B-1), the 26-acre plot scheduled for the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter is not a work site. No green light has been granted. Who decided the demolition could be done when the environmental laws prohibit it, and why wasn't information about the demolition communicated to the public?

The plot of land is supposed to be in a holding pattern until all the required studies are completed, and the environmental impact report is reviewed by the public and city officials.

Be aware that many more buildings, vegetation and habitats have been removed than were reported by The Bee. And the demolition and excavation took place over a few days, not months. The large demolition equipment should never have

been on the land, let alone been used to clear it.

Ceres citizens, let your officials know you want the law to be followed by anyone associated with this project.