Letters to the Editor

Vandals damaged more than just a car

I have a comment for the vandals who shattered my father's heart. Two teenagers shattered the windows of my father's car and my car in our driveway while we were in our home. My father is the proud owner of a car with several murals honoring veterans and the victims and survivors of Sept. 11. My father shows his American pride every day! These vandals not only broke our windows, but they crushed a symbol of hope and promise that things get better.

My father is a dying man, and this car is his pride, joy and honor! We live on a fixed income. Insurance will not cover the cost because of the deductible nor will it replace the mural since they are not covered, either. To the guilty: You have broken more than windows.

I hope one day you both look back in shame. When the day comes, I hope you are broke and unable to afford a nice Christmas for your family!