Letters to the Editor

Offend nation's God at your peril

Every time the courts try to remove God from the pledge of allegiance and our money, it makes me angry. This nation is the chosen land, created by God himself, for the gospel to freely flourish and, for those under tyranny, a place to flee to. Do your research. This nation was founded as a Christian nation, and God prospered it against all odds and enemies from its beginning.

When God-fearing nations turn away from their God, and the majority choose evil over good, amen to that nation. Our freedom and security are based on our belief and moral behavior. The last straw is when we, as a nation, do not accept God and give him thanks for what we receive.

The majority of the citizens believe in God; the minority of others who do not should not be allowed to castrate this nation from its founding ways of life. Others' religious beliefs and cultures do not bother me, so mine should not bother them.

If you are not tolerant, keep your mouth shut or move.