Letters to the Editor

Giuliani clear choice to lead nation

Our next president must be vigilant in safeguarding the American people and determined to continue our economic prosperity. Rudy Giuliani is the clear choice. He led New York through the aftermath of Sept. 11 and served our country at the highest levels of law enforcement, prosecuting some of our nation's worst criminals. Mayor Giuliani is committed to ensuring domestic security by ending illegal immigration and securing our borders. He understands that we need to bring our troops home when the time is right, not on an arbitrary timeline.

Rudy's conservative economic policy is what America needs to strengthen our competitiveness in the global marketplace. As mayor, Rudy inherited a $2.3 billion deficit and turned it into a multibillion-dollar surplus. He cut the size of government, reduced or eliminated 23 taxes, slashed welfare by 60 percent and cut crime by 56 percent.

Rudy Giuliani possesses the characteristics and abilities necessary to lead our country, strengthen our economy and improve our reputation around the world.


District 19 chairman, Giuliani for President