Letters to the Editor

Treat litterbugs like garbage

The Highway 99 portion that passes through Modesto is the most despicable display of trash and garbage that I have observed on any road system in the states and countries that I have traveled.

"No Litter" signs, which list the consequences, should be posted. The penalties need to include two options: a minimum $1,000 fine or six months of hard labor.

The California Highway Patrol and the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department need to closely monitor this stretch of road. We want our community to attract quality industry and people.

We, as citizens, need to be vigilant, pick up accessible items that we see in public areas, participate in cleanup campaigns and, most importantly, report these littering slimeballs. (Most of us have cell phones.) It is our patriotic duty. If we fly the flag with pride, we shall not tolerate such "trash" behavior.

Thanks to CalTrans for your efforts. We all must support you. You cannot do it all!