Letters to the Editor

Many veterans oppose war

The Nov. 10 article "Love and hate for Old Glory" (Nov. 10, Page B-1) was an incredible disservice to a friend of mine. Fran McKeon and I share many of the same beliefs. It disgusts us to see the likes of a vice president and president wearing little American flag lapel pins, neither having seen active duty in a war.

The article said that having all that fun in San Francisco sent her into the WACs. Several of my female classmates went into the service. I think they thought it was rather glamorous to become a WAC or WAVE or Lady Marine. Fran, a valley girl, probably did too. The article was devoted to trivia of that time. Fran must have been a good and dedicated WAC. She was the secretary to a general in the Air Force.

She is very much opposed to the Iraq war. So am I; so are a lot of veterans. We went to war because of lies by our president and vice president. That doesn't mean we don't support our troops in the job they have been given. We would just like to see them come home tomorrow.