Letters to the Editor

It's a sign of support for troops

Today is Veterans Day, and I just returned from the memorial service of a friend and veteran. The family honored their husband and father with love, respect and tender stories. The Ceres Color Guard, an assembly of veterans, concluded the service with a gun salute and the folding and presenting of the American flag.

Did you know that each of the 13 folds in the flag-folding ceremony symbolizes or gives tribute to something or someone? The list includes life, motherhood, fatherhood and our beloved veterans. Google "Meaning of Folding the USA Flag" to find the remainder of the list.

The ceremony brought to mind Fran McKeon, the veteran featured Nov. 10 who thinks flying the flag supports war. I am thankful for all veterans; one reason I fly my flag daily is because it reminds me to pray for our troops. It has nothing to do with war and everything to do with supporting our troops and being grateful for living in the "land of the free and the home of the brave."