Letters to the Editor

Has this country lost its mind?

Musharraf of Pakistan, a Bush bosom buddy, is able to suspend the constitution and the rule of law. President Bush must be delirious with envy! George Bush has stated, "Life would be simpler if I was a dictator!"

A former U.S. attorney tests waterboarding and declares it torture. He was fired. New Attorney General Michael Mukasey refused to declare waterboarding torture because he would have to arrest Bush and the crazies and charge them with war crimes.

Members of the State Department are revolting against being assigned to Iraq. The U.S. is losing two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the leaders of the free world are threatening another war against Iran. The same pre-invasion rhetoric is being trumpeted by Bush, Rice, Cheney, etc.

We are again playing the two prominent Kurdish groups against each other in northern Iraq. Turkey threatens to invade.

Where is the opposition party? Has this country lost its mind? Have we no shame?

We are exhibiting signs of pathological violence. No more overt respect for international law, or even our own laws? What happened to the idea of, "We are a nation of laws and not men?"