Letters to the Editor

Want a dog? Consider visiting a shelter

My husband and I recently adopted a dog from the Underdog Rescue Society; they had rescued Ellie from another shelter, where she was about to be euthanized. Ellie isn't the prettiest dog in the world; she is a mixed breed and nondescript beige. What she lacks in eye appeal, she more than makes up for in temperament and heart.

Often, people do not do enough research, and buy a dog for its physical appearance rather than its nature and temperament. Research your chosen breeder as well as your chosen breed. There are breeders who will sell any kind of dog to anyone with cash.

I urge anyone who is looking for a dog (or any pet) to consider a shelter pet. You might be fortunate enough to find an older dog, with qualities that would make an ideal addition to your home. You may not find the "designer dog" you originally set out to buy, but will instead end up with a faithful companion, greatly in need of a home, who will love you just because, will fit your lifestyle and will enrich your life beyond words. We did!