Letters to the Editor

Ask victims whether they're legal

Stanislaus County law enforcement leaders have made a decision to not question crime victims about their immigration status. It is the duty of all law enforcement agencies to enforce all laws of our country, so how can they pick and choose their duties?

Illegal aliens have broken our laws and are criminals living in the U.S. If a citizen broke a law of equal seriousness, they would be prosecuted to the full extent. The duty of law enforcement agencies is to explore the legal status of all crime victims. If crime victims are here illegally, they should be turned over to Homeland Security, which is federal, for deportation.

Giving illegal aliens the freedom of not questioning their immigration status is another step to encourage more illegal entry into the U.S. Our county supervisors and City Council should take action to revoke the decision of not questioning crime victims about their migration status. If they do nothing, it will be obvious which side of the border they support.