Letters to the Editor

Lawyers make terrible judges

I found common ground in "Ban lawyers from judgeships," (Nov. 6, Letters). I have seen what lawyers can do when there is no control. Elected to public office and put into judgeships, they can promote their own livelihood and agendas.

It is a conflict of interest for any lawyer to be in public office, other than maybe being a district attorney, and it should be against the law. It is as if the foxes were in charge of the hen house; it is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Much of the ills we have today in our government are due to lawyers fending for themselves or serving other masters who they do the bidding for.

Our politicians and judges should be moral, righteous, selfless men of God who have the spirit with them. Turning these jobs over to anyone else -- well, you can see what a mess we are today. Sadly, we seem to like it when others do tasks for us, but there is a price: our freedom.