Letters to the Editor

Let smokers enjoy themselves

I usually pass up the opportunity to educate my fellow citizens on the art of thinking like a human being instead of something other than one. I will, however, be more than happy to yield to my urges, and reply to the Nov. 9 letter, "Time to ban smoking at MJC."

Whatever reasons compel a person to smoke, it is none of your concern, and you won't suffer any catastrophic personal damage from the smokers outside at MJC, despite anything to the contrary you might have heard.

You are much more likely to die sooner due to the other, much more damaging elements in the air you think is clean, or by ingesting more lethal elements in the water or food you do not suspect.

Walk around those people enjoying their activities that they have a right to enjoy. Concern yourself more with the education you are fortunately able to receive there. Last, but most importantly, live your life, not others'.