Letters to the Editor

Kamilos' plan is not feasible

We are writing in opposition to Gerry Kamilos' project for West Park.

The kingpin of his project has fallen out because of the disinterest of the Port of Oakland. His development is overly ambitious and decidedly vague.

We are concerned about the environmental impact and the cost burden to us, the taxpayers. We are also concerned that the people in the proposed areas of the project are quite unhappy with it. Finally, we do not support a plan that calls for the paving over of prime farmland.

Pat heard Mr. Kamilos speak at a luncheon for the League of Women Voters, and we have been following the issue for some time in The Bee. Mr. Kamilos excelled at evading the hard questions posed by members of the league. It was this evasion that finally led her to mistrust him and his project.

There are just too many unanswered questions.

We sincerely hope that the supervisors will see that this is a project we cannot afford and move on to a more viable and specific plan.