Letters to the Editor

Farrace works tirelessly for community

I have known Robert Farrace for over seven years and have been impressed by his commitment to improve this community and his earnest desire to help those in need. Through his tireless work with Rotary, the chamber, Teen Baseball, the Modesto Symphony Orchestra, Color Modesto, the Redwood Family Center and many other organizations, he has served as an example of what community involvement is, while managing a successful law firm. He was endorsed by The Bee, firefighters and Police Officers Association, and Central Labor Council, just to name a few. The endorsement he received from incumbent Robert Dunbar is a clear indication of his worthiness. The Modesto City Council would benefit greatly from his legal knowledge, philanthropist nature and his willingness to use his insight to navigate the important issues that face our community.

Shame on us if we lose the opportunity to elect someone who will protect our interest because of our complacency in what The Bee describes as a largely lackluster election. When is the safety of our citizens, protection of our property, beautification of our community and care for the less fortunate not worthy of our attention?