Letters to the Editor

Warming preferred to cooling

After looking into Professor Hapgood's theory popularized by Albert Einstein, I cannot decide which is better: global warming or global cooling. Since Einstein's Nobel prize was in physics, perhaps my vote should be for global warming.

What does the Hapgood-Einstein theory suggest? If you analyze the earth's motion, you quickly determine that increasing the ice on the poles makes its rotation unstable. Things become worse when the mass at each pole is unequal (e.g., the added South Pole landmass). Next we must realize that the earth's surface is a very thin shell floating on a liquid core. This shell, the earth's crust, is free to move.

As ice on the poles accumulated, the earth's rotation became unstable. The earth's crust suddenly, quickly and catastrophically shifted, moving the poles to the equator and the equator to the poles. Partial evidence for this theory is that subtropical prehistoric animals have been found frozen in polar regions with undigested food in their stomachs. This fact further suggested that death and this phenomenon occurred in days.

You thought that the 1906 earthquake was bad? Life as we know it would end. Yes, global warming and melting of the polar ice caps is better for all.