Letters to the Editor

Students too young for message

A woman annually hands out gruesome pictures of aborted babies to Prescott Junior High students. While I support her cause, I feel she is going about it in the wrong way. There is such a minute percentage of junior high girls having abortions, I do not feel it warrants the emotional and psychological damage she is causing to the entire student body.

She is so zealous in her efforts, I am sure she feels if she saves the life of one unborn child, it justifies the harm she is doing to the other 799 children attending Prescott. I disagree! She is no better than someone standing on the corner near the junior high passing out Playboy magazines or dealing drugs. She is causing the same kind of harm. The pictures she passes out are so graphic, they would not be allowed on television.

We have laws preventing all of the aforementioned activities to protect our children. I think we need to make one that would allow her to distribute her materials to age-appropriate children who might actually be dealing with the issue, such as high schoolers, but prevent her from giving the materials to younger students.