Letters to the Editor

Cool blades & hot wheels

Imagination: A combination building with an ice rink and roller rink or one of each.

Memory: Modesto activity for everyone, young of age or at heart. Two roller rinks and one ice rink by Modesto Junior College.

Where: An empty building, perhaps in north Modesto, or at the corner of Orangeburg Avenue and Coffee Road, or in the old munitions plant at Claus and Claribel roads, or in the new mall at Oakdale Road and Claribel.

How: Every family in Stanislaus County donates $20. Every single person employed 18 years or older donates $15. Every senior adult couple donates $10.

As large as Modesto and the surrounding area has grown these past years (I've been here since 1969), we should be able to finance this plan to give everyone young and mature a place for fun and activity.

Need: An honest local person or business firm to officiate this project.

I'll send the first $20 check to the local person or local organization that can do something outstanding for our kids, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas to enjoy. Maybe a Stanislaus person will be a gold medal Olympic champion some day.