Letters to the Editor

Follow the rules; you'll be OK

In response to "Big Brother is watching through traffic cameras" (Nov. 7, Letters): All I can say is stop running the red lights and Big Brother won't watch you through the cameras. Independent thought being crushed? No, just law-abiding citizens being crushed at intersections by free thinkers making decisions based on their current needs instead of following the traffic laws written to protect, not oppress, your fellow citizens.

The only cameras that monitor traffic are on freeways to control traffic and keep a safe number of autos on the freeway by controlling merging traffic, thus reducing accidents. How is this not constructive? Pay your fine, follow the rules of the road like most of us do, and try to realize that you are not more important than the guy driving next to you.

I was really impressed with all the big words, though. I almost had to break out my dictionary. Almost.