Letters to the Editor

Treat teacher molester like priest

The first in the three-day series on teacher misconduct -- no, atrocities -- raises serious questions about glaring inconsistencies in the standards we hold them to, compared to pastors or priests. The inconsistencies are alarming; do we really understand our societal values with respect to this issue?

By giving child- predator/molester monsters a pass, do we understand the harm we are doing to our children? To our families? To our municipalities? To the dedicated, selfless innocent educators?

Misbehavior in a ministry or a religious setting, rightly considered intolerable, seems to be dealt with more aggressively by the media and society. Should not teacher misbehavior be treated the same?

Should we tolerate a policy that, rather than punishing the offender, simply moves him or her to another unsuspecting community? We publish where convicted sexual offenders are living, why would we not identify the schools where sexual predators have moved to? Why don't they lose their, credentials, licenses and jobs?

Educators are always first in line to demand more and more money, let them demonstrate that they have earned the trust we have given them.