Letters to the Editor

Clark irritates OID's small irrigation customers

Frank Clark is the perfect example of the fox watching the hen house. If you are going to publicly support an OID candidate, and cannot make the meetings, at least read the board minutes at www.oakdaleirrigation.com to become more informed.

It seems the majority of people supporting Frank Clark are his friends who do not irrigate and know nothing about the real problems within OID, or they are large property owners that have a financial gain in keeping Frank Clark as a director. Only a few large property owners will benefit from a water sale to San Francisco, the rest of us will be hung out to dry.

Frank Clark has bent over backwards to help the influential people in our community, but has forgotten about, or chooses to ignore, the less affluent. Those that have a mere five-, 10- or 30-acre parcel of land will be the real casualty of Clark's plan.

San Francisco is willing to pay top dollar for our water because it is clear and pristine. What happens in a drought year when you need the water? We urge you to support Richard Sylvester for OID District 1; he will keep our water local.