Letters to the Editor

Scrap both political parties, start over again

A pox on both parties. I've had it with both of these do-nothing political parties. Let's toss them out and begin again. All these folks care about is keeping their seats, pleasing their contributors and adhering to the strict party line. On most issues there are polls showing the public is highly opposed to many of the ways Congress votes. Yet, incumbents in both houses vote like sheep.

This is a representative government, but when is the last time we truly felt represented? Writing to my representative, George Radanovich, and senators has generally resulted in no response or a canned response. It is time we look for representatives who agree to be beholden to their constituents.

All we hear is the constant discussion of the same five or six topics ad nauseam. Topics that cannot be resolved by the locked-in views of the stagnant ideologues of both parties. Unless all of us demand new people who can negotiate and compromise free from party doctrine, we cannot hope to resolve major issues facing this country.