Letters to the Editor

Kinard has earned the respect of many

We encourage citizens to vote for Jim Kinard for the Ceres Unified School District board of trustees. We have known Jim, professionally and socially, for approximately 25 years and consider him a man of exceptional integrity and intelligence.

In his personal life, Jim and his wife, Aileen, have provided a loving, supportive home for their children and grandchildren. In addition, Aileen has provided nurturing day care for the children of working parents which resulted in Jim and Aileen becoming an extra set of parents-grandparents to those fortunate children.

Jim has been a dedicated teacher at Westport and Atkison schools for 26 years. His commitment to the educational and personal welfare of his students earned him their respect and that of their parents, as well as that of the administrators and his fellow teachers. If you care about children and their education, as we do, join us in voting for Jim Kinard.