Letters to the Editor

Small states must keep clout

I just read the commentary by Larry J. Sabato ("Constitution long overdue for a major update," Oct. 14, Page B-7) and luckily for all of us, these changes in the Constitution will never happen. It takes ratification by three-quarters of the states to change the Constitution, and the majority of the states have smaller populations and they are never going to give up the only power that they have. If the changes that Sabato wants happened, the country would be controlled by a handful of states. This is why the Founding Fathers constructed the Constitution the way it is, so that smaller states would have a voice in the government.

George W. Bush is not the first president to take office without winning the popular vote, and he probably won't be the last. The next one may well be a Democrat, so be careful what you wish for. As I recall, Congress voted to go into Iraq, based on the intelligence that everyone else in the world had. Of course, this a partisan attack on President Bush. Don't forget, he was re-elected by popular as well as Electoral College majority, so he must have done something right.


Los Banos