Letters to the Editor

Bee smears Ceres police

Once again, The Bee has disparaged our police officers and enabled defense options for scumbags who plague our peaceful existence -- all while violating journalistic principles of neutrality and accuracy.

The Bee has become part of the news when they attacked police last week in its heavy-handed article ("After Ceres arrests, trust chasm widens," Oct. 14, Page B-1). Instead of objective reporting, giving all parties a fair shot, The Modesto Enquirer maliciously attacked the reputation of police sworn to protect us. In doing so, The Bee increased the odds criminals will not see justice.

Through salacious reporting, The Bee gives credence to those who hide behind the only thing they can when there is no defense -- the race angle. Consequently, this allows the NAACP to grandstand and advance their own agenda off the backs of our police.

The fact the district attorney filed 32 criminal counts against partygoers suggests the arrests were legal. This tabloid style of reporting is a clear indicator The Bee is taking its last breath.

Hopefully the shoddy, biased and tabloid reporting dies with The Bee.