Letters to the Editor

ELECTION 2007: Sylvester for OID; Clark doing bad job

Frank Clark is the incumbent running for Oakdale Irrigation District director, Division 1. He states he is against selling water to San Francisco but not opposed to selling water to the Modesto or Turlock irrigation districts. OID is looking into building a canal that could funnel OID water, sold to MID, to the Modesto Reservoir. This water could then be sold to San Francisco. This is still OID water going to San Francisco!

Clark states he was instrumental in increasing the income from electricity sales from $4 million to $18 million. Clark was not the key figure in this accomplishment. Power sales from the Tri-Dam Project are shared by OID and South San Joaquin Irrigation District. The increase to $18 million came about when the 50-year contract with PG&E, which had no clause for increases, was renegotiated by the two irrigation districts to present-day values. Out of the 10 directors, Clark had one vote.

Annexation is an important aspect of keeping OID the agricultural entity it is designed to be. Clark has dragged his feet on this issue as annexations are not making up for ground lost to development. We support Richard Sylvester for OID director.