Letters to the Editor

Teachers arrogant to ask for raise

Regarding "Union asks for more cash to keep teachers on the job," (Oct. 9, Page B-1): C'mon, give me a break. These crybaby, arrogant, prima donnas have a lot of nerve asking for a raise when they haven't met their performance criteria, contributing to a failing school under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. I liken this attitude to the crew of the Titanic asking for a raise -- and then they'll save the ship. These malcontents need to get a dose of reality. Keep the politics out of our schools.

Studies have shown that the most important factor to children effectively learning in public schools is the teacher. Do your job and teach. Bring your school into compliance with NCLB, then ask for a raise. If not, no raise, and be thankful your school doesn't close and you still have a job.