Letters to the Editor

Women have always been strong

The letter entitled "Women lack strength to lead nations" (Oct. 11), has a basic lack of reasoning. Women have successfully led nations for centuries, during both war and peace. Russia's Catherine II led during the Russo-Turkish war, making Russia a dominant power. Currently, there are 17 nations led by women. To suggest that because a woman has not yet been U.S. President, no woman ever should be is yet another fallacy.

Just because something has been historically practiced, doesn't mean it should continue. If that were the case, slavery and child labor would have continued indefinitely. People should be judged by their own merits, not merely by gender. The suggestion that only men can be "brave, qualified, strong and wise" is a particularly ridiculous assertion. Examples of women who possess these qualities can be seen everywhere in society today. Mother Teresa, Marie Currie, Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, the Rosie the Riveter, and the countless women who have gone to war, to name a few, have all possessed these qualities. As a young woman, I find it particularly discouraging to see that even today, people judge women entirely on their gender.