Letters to the Editor

Rush is a manure-slinging expert

So now comedian Rush Limbaugh is calling soldiers who disagree with the decider in chief "phony soldiers." Rush doesn't know much about soldiering, but he does know how to avoid drafts. After he used up his student deferments to duck Vietnam, he got himself classified 4-F due to a bump on his butt. The bump didn't prevent him from sitting on it for the past 20 years.

The conservative movement must be proud. Their chief water carriers consist of a drug-addled, right-wing manure slinger (who even looks like Hermann Goering); an anorexic 45-year-old spinster who spews venom for the gratification of the pseudo-intellectuals who buy her books; a woman who is so mean-spirited she bashes sick children; and various hypocritical religious right-wing nuts who are firmly convinced that Adam and Eve exited the Garden of Eden on the backs of dinosaurs.