Letters to the Editor

Election 2007: We hear from incumbents, all right

In his letter "Retain incumbents for Ceres schools" (Oct. 11), school board President Mike Welsh criticizes the teachers union for its unwillingness to listen to the views of the incumbents. We listen to their views as they serve on the board. We have heard them show little regard for the employees of the district and observed their dismissal of any ideas or thoughts which don't agree with their own. The only time they want to talk to us is during an election.

My greatest concern is Welsh's comments regarding the union leadership taking the "low road" and that "thankfully we have great teachers in our classrooms who ignore such negative behavior." Is he really saying that only teachers who agree with the board are great teachers? Both employee unions are endorsing candidates he doesn't want elected. Is he really saying that the almost 900 people they represent aren't great teachers or employees? I'm proud to say that I stand with the great teachers and employees of CUSD in endorsing Don McKim, Jim Kinard and Faye Lane.