Letters to the Editor

Reasons why abortion may be needed

The "Anti-Abortion-R-Us" club members see this socially volatile subject only in black and white and fail to recognize the shades of gray produced by the vagaries of humankind. Apparently their paths are level, paved and unhindered, while the less fortunate among us move over steeply gravelled ones.

The following two scenarios are more prevalent than not and their gravity ensures the acts of terminating gestation will be carried out -- preferably in a sterile hospital or clinic environment by competent personnel.

  1. A 12-year-old girl with ovulating capabilities is sexually assaulted and made pregnant by either her father, brother, uncle, family friend or provider of spiritual services, or is gang-raped.
  • A loving mother with three youngsters all under age 6, and wanting another, finds she has developed a life-threatening condition and her doctors determine she cannot go to term.
  • In the first situation, allowing this already traumatized victim to go to term is barbaric; she doesn't need a baby to compound her already incomprehensible psychological torment.

    The second scenario would deprive three children of their mother's touch and guidance while overburdening the now widowed husband.