Letters to the Editor

Why marijuana isn't real medicine

Marijuana (KRT)

Don't buy the "medical marijuana" lie! How many other approved medicines are:

  • Smoked? 0.
  • Come in unmeasured doses? 0.
  • Have unknown strengths? 0.
  • Taken as often as you think needed? 0.
  • Taken in crude form (like aspirin from tree bark, bread mold, etc.)? 0.
  • Are voted on by the public? 0.
  • Circumvent safety of FDA testing? 0.
  • Contain no warnings on harm? 0.
  • Are recommended by doctors, not prescribed? 0.
  • Allow a person to grow or produce their own medicine? 0.
  • Allow some unnamed doper dude to hold your stash? 0.
  • One exception to any of the above would be amazing, but all of them? Don't buy the lie!