Letters to the Editor

Animal welfare groups can't get along

We have a local animal activist proposing a new humane society with its own animal shelter ("Animal advocate launches effort to form county humane society," Sept. 26, Page B-1). I applaud her idealism. It does, however, raise some questions about our animal coalitions, auxiliaries and societies. The people listed as in charge never seem to change. Are their memberships so minuscule or ineffectual that they provide no candidates, or are these self-declared presidents for life? They write the same letters of complaint (with slightly revised rhetoric) over and over.

Going to the grand jury got these folks into the mess they now bemoan. The former county veterinarian was thoroughly investigated by the state Board of Veterinary Medicine. They found all 50 complaints submitted by our "not so grand" jury to be groundless.

Because current groups have exclusive agendas and no sense of unity, the county supervisors must have come to the conclusion that they are impossible to please. Perhaps some unifying humane organization could help them seem to be less of a lunatic fringe movement.