Letters to the Editor

The world has changed so much

Neither I, nor any of my friends, would have ever used the F- or S-words to our parents. We would never raise our voices. And when high school was finished, we were prepared to go out and do something in this world. We had goals.

The four-parent family was not prevalent yet. Latchkey was just beginning. We had curfews. And we kept them. We respected our parents. We respected adults, period, and even our peers.

Now it seems every high-schooler or younger has a language all their own and they use foul language as if it were part of day-to-day doings. Many of their texts are filled with a shortened language that would cause you to blush. And our young Americans don't seem to have strong opinions on things such as abortion, drugs, alcohol and presidential nominations. Parents can't control our teenagers because they have grown up thinking if we (mothers) worked in the world, we were not good caregivers. And yet most of us have had to be two-income families.

What is to become of this new style of young Americans with no pride for their parents, their country, their peers and themselves?